Shizuka Matsuki – Wiki, Bio, Facts

Facts of Shizuki Matsuki

Age: Unknown
Birth Date: N/A
Horoscope: Aquarius

Who Is Shizuki Matsuki?

She is a Florida Base who is so bond with her two dogs and she actually live in Florida along with her kids and Husband. She had a tragedy accident in Florida while she was strolling with her two beautiful dogs. According to report she was walking along Florida Lake on Friday along with her two dogs. A necropsy confirmed that alligator bit her near the lake.

A woman who saw her beside the lake said she saw Shizuki with her two dogs and she later notice the dogs alone beside the lake barking and one of the dog had a fresh wound all over him. Another witness said the woman doesn’t live near the environment but often walk the dog to different places. Fatal accident on human by alligator is not an often occurrence stated by wildlife commission.

Shizuki husband who is not in town at that particular time was contacted and he immediately booked flight hoping nothing happen to his wife. They are presently working on how to retrieve her body from the lake.

Interesting & Fun Facts

1. Matsuki Family and a man who identify himself has her brother where present at the attack scene.

2. She was considered has a loving person and great cook.

3. Jim Borrelli, a friend of Matsuki said she and her husband have walked there dogs in that particular park previously.