With iOS 11 on iPhone, you can turn on a new feature called Do Not Disturb while Driving. With this feature turned on, your iPhone won’t receive notifications while you’re driving so you don’t get distracted. But you can also turn on and customize an Auto-Reply message that’s sent to whoever is texting you when you’re driving. Here’s how to auto reply to texts while you’re driving with iOS 11 on iPhone.

we’ll show you how to customize an auto reply that’ll automatically be sent to the person texting you while you’re driving. You can also customize who in your contacts will receive the auto reply. Here’s how.

How to Auto-Reply to Texts while You’re Driving on iPhone with iOS 11
Follow This 5 Step.
1. Open Settings.
2.Select Do Not Disturb.
3.Under Do Not Disturb While Driving, tap Auto-Reply To.

4.Here, you can choose to send auto replies to No One, Recent contacts, Favorite contacts, or All Contacts. Select the one you prefer. Then go back.

5. Now select Auto-Reply. Here you can customize what your auto-reply message will say.

That’s it! When Do Not Disturb While Driving is turned on, the contacts you selected will automatically receive the message you customized if they try to reach you via text.